How to Clean a Baseball Cap

A well-worn, broken in baseball cap can be a site to behold—depending on the eye of the beholder. Some love it. Some find it disgusting. If you fall into the latter camp (or someone close to you falls into that camp), there’s hope for how to clean a baseball cap without ruining it, whether it’s a spot cleaning or cleaning the entire hat. The best way to clean a baseball cap: Tub O’ Towels heavy duty wipes. They’re designed to be tough on dirt and stains, but gentle on fabric.

best way to clean baseball hats

The Harder Way to Clean a Baseball Cap

Baseball cap washing is simple. Just toss it on the top rack of the dishwasher, add dishwashing detergent and hit the start button. Or, set the washing machine to gentle, toss in the cap and start the washer. The problem with these two urban legends is that hats can come out misshapen, discolored, shrunk or damaged—even if it’s a newer hat with a brim made out of plastic form. Cleaning a cap in the dishwasher is an especially bad idea because of the hot water and harsh dishwashing detergent. Hand washing is the most recommended method, which involves multiple steps:

  1. Fill a clean sink or bucket with warm water (not hot water).
  2. Drop in a tablespoon of laundry detergent.
  3. Spot clean the hat as needed before washing, if there are areas with visible stains. You can use a bit of detergent, stain remover or shampoo and scrub the stain with a toothbrush. (Note—be careful around threaded stitching to not scrub too hard or the stitching can become altered).
  4. Let the hat soak for a couple hours in the soapy water. If individual stains are still showing, scrub the spot again.
  5. Rinse the soap off with warm water. Rinse again to get all the soap off.
  6. Use a towel to pat down the cap to get rid of excess moisture.
  7. Air dry the hat on a container (balled up towel, coffee jar, canister…) so it’s not just tossed on the counter. This will help the hat retain its true shape.

If you’re trying to clean an older baseball cap with cardboard, don’t submerge the brim in water. It’s best to use a rag dipped in soapy water and a scrub brush for spot cleaning.

    The Easier Way to Clean a Baseball Cap

    So, how do you clean a baseball cap without ruining it? There’s no need to try multiple steps and a lot of scrubbing. Tub O’ Towels heavy duty wipes are the easier baseball cap cleaner with their Bond Buster™ technology that grabs dirt and pulls it away from the fabric of the hat. Here’s the best way to clean a baseball hat:

    1. Pull out a heavy duty Tub O’ Towels wipe.
    2. Test wipe an inconspicuous area of the cap (like the sweatband or an inside panel).
    3. Wipe the stain or dirt spot for spot cleaning or wipe the entire inside and outside of the hat for overall cleaning. Allow the cleaning solution to soak in and loosen the dirt.
    4. Use an additional wipe as needed to wipe away the dirt.

    About Tub O’ Towels

    What makes Tub O’ Towels the best way to clean a baseball cap—or just about anything else that gets dirty? Here are some of the highlights:

    • Exclusive Bond Buster™ Technology: Our innovative additive breaks the molecular bond between the surface of the hat and the dirt/stain, eliminating the need for hard scrubbing, damaging washing machines or dishwashers, or getting your hat soaking wet.
    • Gentle Cleaning Agents: Your hat and your hands stay safe with our eco-friendly blend of detergents, emulsifiers and foaming agents that lift away stains and dirt without harsh chemicals.
    • They're Out:Dirt and stains are easy outs with these oversized wipes that are engineered to be durable to take on tough jobs while staying saturated in cleaning solution for long-lasting cleaning power.
    • VaporLock Technology: Our Tub O’ Towels canisters use a special VaporLock seal to stop evaporation and keep wipes ready use whenever you need them.

    Try a Better Cleaning Wipe

    Are you tired of dangerous chemicals and endless scrubbing? Why not try Tub O’ Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes today? We look forward to showing you why our wipes are the best of all!

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