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Real science woven into every wipe!

The only heavy-duty wipe with Bond Buster Technology

Exclusive Bond Buster Technology – Tub O’ Towels® grease removing wipes feature a revolutionary bond-breaking additive that instantly breaks the molecular bond between dirt and surface. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and elbow grease and allows proprietary cleaning agents to better do their job!

Bond Buster is a key reason why Tub O’ Towels® cleans what others wipes don’t!

Clean without the mean!

Hard-core cleaning without the hard-core chemicals

The reason some things are so hard to clean is that the dirt, grease and grime form a static molecular bond to the surface. In that case, harsh chemicals and some old-fashioned elbow grease are required. But, neither makes sense in a wipe. Tub O’ Towels® exclusive Bond Buster additive instantly breaks this static molecular bond, freeing dirt, grime and grease for easy removal with biodegradable cleaning agents appropriate for use in a hand wipe. No other pre-moistened wipe can remove grease and grime like this!

Break it down, wipe it away

Proprietary solution dissolves and lifts dirt so it can be easily wiped away

Once the bond is broken and the dirt dislodged, Tub O’ Towels® proprietary, high-performance blend of detergents and emulsifiers goes to work dissolving greases, oils, fats and proteins, enabling cleaning, while foaming agents lift the grime and dirt so it can easily be wiped away. This special synergistic solution is the result of years of testing and trial to create the perfect recipe for optimal wipe performance. It’s safe to use on virtually any surface.

Tough on dirt, not on you or the environment

Not only are the ingredients in the proprietary Tub O’ Towels® synergistic solution devoid of harsh chemicals, they are, in many cases, biodegradable. Plus, we’ve added lanolin, vitamin E and aloe to protect your hands and leave them moist. Other wipes cannot say this!

Heavy-duty, over-sized non-cotton wipe

Starts and stays 100% solution-soaked

The first thing you notice when you pull out a Tub O’ Towels® wipe is that it’s generously sized, 10 x 12 inches, and completely saturated. But, there is a lot more to a Tub O’ Towels wipe than the size:

  1. Poly-blend, not cotton – to ensure maximum durability and performance, Tub O’ Towels® wipes are made of a heavy-duty poly-blend material. This means they won’t tear or fall apart on the job like a cotton wipe can.
  2. Fully saturated – thanks to the unique wicking nature of the fibers and the generous amount of solution in every canister, every Tub O’ Towels® wipe is fully saturated with the right amount of our high-performance solution. Every wipe, from the first to the last, is perfectly moist and ready to work hard.
  3. Quilted design and a special weave enhance scrubbing and grab dirt – the quilted design of Tub O’ Towels® wipes offers cushioning and surface texture, which, along with the special surface weave, provide more scrubbing power while staying gentle on your hands and soft surfaces.
  4. It won’t tear, unless you want it to – if you look closely, you’ll see that a Tub O’ Towels® wipe is perforated in one direction. This allows you to tear off smaller strips for smaller jobs or tight spots.

VaporLock canister stops evaporation

We’ve all been there! You open a container of pre-moistened wipes only to find out they are no longer moist. We’ve gone to great lengths to develop a heavy-gauge canister that minimizes solution evaporation, as well as a VaporLock to ensure your Tub O’ Towels® wipes won’t dry out in storage. Other pre-moistened wipes begin drying out before they hit the shelves due to evaporation porous container or substandard lid. Our VaporLocklid snaps shut, creating a tight seal that keeps wipes moist.