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How to Remove Spray Paint from Skin

Spray paint is an easy way to quickly apply color to a large area, from a tabletop to an exterior wall. Unfortunately, it’s also a near-certain way to get paint on your skin. Spray paint can be tough to remove, but Tub O’ Towels can help. Our heavy duty wipes are engineered to remove even the toughest paint stains, while softening and refreshing your skin.

how to remove tar from car

how to remove tar from car

Removing Spray Paint from Skin (The Hard Way)

The internet is filled with recommendations for cleaning spray paint off skin. Most of these start with a thick, oily product such as lotion or mayonnaise. If you want to try, here are the steps:

  1. Coat your skin with a thick layer of the desired product.
  2. Rub it in as well as possible, and then let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes to soften the paint.
  3. Add an abrasive to your skin, such as sugar or salt.
  4. Scrub thoroughly, picking off as much loosened paint as possible.
  5. Rinse completely.
  6. Repeat as needed until all of the paint is gone.
  7. Dry your skin thoroughly.
  8. Finish with a moisturizer.

How to Get Spray Paint Off Your Hands or Skin (The Easy Way)

Although the above method will eventually work, it requires a lot of time and a great deal of scrubbing. The abrasive elements are necessary but dehydrating, which could leave your skin feeling raw. That’s what really sets Tub O’ Towels apart. Our special Bond Buster™ technology allows you to simply wipe away stubborn paint with minimal scrubbing. In addition, our heavy duty wipes contain ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E, and lanolin to soften and hydrate your skin.

  1. Pull out a heavy duty Tub O’ Towels.
  2. Wipe the paint off your skin, allowing the cleaning solution to gently lift away the paint.
  3. Use a second wipe if needed to ensure that your skin is clean and soft.

About Tub O’ Towels

Are Tub O’ Towels products really that much different? There are actually four basic keys that set our wipes apart! Here’s why Tub O’ Towels wipes are the best:

  • Exclusive Bond Buster™ Technology: All Tub O’ Towels wipes feature a groundbreaking additive that dissolves the molecular bond between stains and surfaces That’s why painful scrubbing is not needed.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Our bond busting additive also allows us to say goodbye to skin-drying, harsh chemicals. Instead, our biodegradable mixture of gentle foaming agents, emulsifiers, and detergents simply lifts away even stubborn paint stains.
  • More Durable Wipes: Carefully crafted to stand up to even the most challenging messes, each oversized wipe is made from a textured, quilted, poly-blend material that stands up to stains rather than falling apart, and is evenly soaked in our proprietary cleaning solution.
  • VaporLockTM Technology: Our canisters are sealed with VaporLockTM technology, which prevents evaporation between uses. When you need a Tub O’ Towels wipe, it will be ready for you.

Looking for a Better Cleaning Wipe?

Are you tired of dangerous chemicals and endless scrubbing? Why not try Tub O’ Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes today? We look forward to showing you why our wipes are the best of all!

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