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How to Remove Sticker Residue from Metal

How to Remove Sticker Residue

That sticker was a good idea, until it wasn’t. Whether it’s a sticker on a metal tool chest, a metal bumper sticker or a sticker on an appliance—you want it gone and want it gone now. Unfortunately, stickers often leave residue behind. Figuring out how to remove sticker residue from metal can be a challenge, especially if the sticker has been in place for a long time. Tub O’ Towels offers an easy solution to removing sticker residue from a metal surface, or just about any surface. 

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The Harder Way to Remove Sticker Residue

Would you like to remove sticker residue with cooking oil, vinegar or mayonnaise? Sounds more like a recipe for salad dressing! These are some of the common (and oily and greasy) methods to try to remove sticker residue from metal surfaces. 

Other methods include using a box cutter to try to scrape the sticker residue off, which could also lead to scratches in the metal or damage to the item. A more gentle approach takes a lot of elbow grease, wetting the sticker and rubbing it with a cloth, but even then the area could still be left sticky once the paper from the sticker is removed.

The Easier Way to Remove Sticker Residue

Instead of raiding your pantry for foods and liquids to pour over your sticker residue, try using the one wipe designed for this job—Tub O’ Towels. These wipes come equipped with unique Bond Buster™ technology built into each and every wipe. This technology helps catch sticker residue and pull it away from the metal surface, making for an easy clean up in just a few steps:

  1. Pull out your Tub O’ Towels wipes and remove a wipe from the container.
  2. Wipe the area with the towel until the sticker residue is gone.
  3. Repeat as needed, and/or let the wipe sit and permeate a bit before wiping residue away.

    About Tub O’ Towels

    When it comes to removing sticker residue, Tub O’ Towels is truly built for the job. Instead of spending valuable time and a lot of elbow grease with various foods or a sharp box cutter, try a simple and gentle approach to cleaning with Tub O’ Towels. Here are some reasons why these wipes are up to the hard work:

    • Proprietary Bond Buster™ Technology: There is one effective additive that will break down the molecular bond between a metal surface and sticker residue, and that additive is found in Tub O’ Towels.
    • Gentle Cleaning Ingredients: While some cleaning products and solutions contain harsh additives and ingredients, Tub O’ Towels wipes offer bond busting additives without chemicals that can hurt the environment. These wipes contain foaming agents to remove sticker residue, emulsifiers and biodegradable detergents that are gentle on the environment and tough on messes.
    • Goodbye Sticker Stickiness: Say goodbye, once and for all, to sticker residue. Save time and energy by removing stickers the easy way with oversized and durable Tub O’ Towels. They are built to clean and won’t fall apart doing the job.
    • One-of-a-Kind VaporLock Seal: You don’t need to worry about your cleaning wipes drying out when you use Tub O’ Towels. Each canister features a VaporLock seal to keep wipes wet and at the ready. 

    Remove Sticker Residue and Move On

    Are you tired of dangerous chemicals and endless scrubbing? Why not try Tub O’ Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes today? We look forward to showing you why our wipes are the best of all!

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