Saying brake fluid is an important part of the braking process in vehicles is a bit of an understatement. Without it, your vehicle won’t stop. If you’re like many people who enjoy DIY vehicle maintenance, you may be familiar with swapping out or changing brake fluid or are planning on doing it sometime soon.

When changing any type of vehicle fluid or if your vehicle is leaking fluid, it’s not uncommon for some of it to end up on the engine, tires or exterior paint, or on your garage floor or driveway. The sooner you remove it, the better. If you do have a spill or leak, here’s how to clean brake fluid with multiple steps or the faster way using Tub O’ Towels heavy duty wipes. You can also use our wipes to clean the brake fluid reservoir.

The Harder Way to Clean Brake Fluid

Here’s how to clean up brake fluid in multiple steps if it spills on the garage floor or driveway. You can try different commercial cleaning products based on what you have on hand or use dish soap. To clean brake fluid off metal, it’s best to act quickly so it doesn’t damage the paint. Wipe up any excess and apply carwash soap with a wet rag or sponge and then rinse well. 

Here are the steps you can try to clean the garage floor or driveway:

  1. Pick a commercial cleaning product or try mixing carwash soap or detergent powder with water.
  2. Pour the soapy water into a spray bottle (if not using a commercial cleaning product).
  3. Blot any excess brake fluid with paper towels.
  4. Apply the cleaning solution to the spill and let it sit for 10-20 minutes.
  5. Mop or brush the spot, applying force and continuing to brush until the stain is lighter.
  6. Rinse with clean water.

The Easier Way to Clean Brake Fluid

Save all the scrubbing and use a Tub O’ Towels heavy duty wipe or two for an easier way to clean up brake fluid wherever it has spilled or dripped. Each wipe has special Bond Buster™ technology that lifts brake fluid spills or stains with fewer steps and less effort:

  1. Blot excess brake fluid with paper towels and wipe as dry as possible.
  2. Pull out a heavy duty Tub O’ Towels wipe.
  3. Wipe the area of the spill or stain. Let the cleaning solution soak in.
  4. Use additional wipes as needed.
  5. Rinse with water to remove any leftover residue.

About Tub O’ Towels

Why are Tub O’ Towels wipes so good at cleaning tough messes, including brake fluid? Here’s what makes our wipes better:

  • Exclusive Bond Buster™ Technology: Each wipe contains a special additive that literally breaks the bond between the surface and the spill/leak at the molecular level so less scrubbing is needed.
  • Gentle Cleaning Agents: With Bond Buster™ technology, our wipes don’t need harsh chemicals. We use a biodegradable blend of gentle foaming agents, emulsifiers and detergents to lift away spills and messes while being easy on your skin.
  • Tough Wipes: Our heavy duty wipes are made from a durable poly-blend material that won’t fall apart when cleaning up tough messes. It also stays saturated with cleaning solution to keep cleaning longer.
  • VaporLock Technology: With a VaporLock seal, wipes stay moist in the canister by keeping air out and moisture in.

The One Wipe for Brake Fluid

Put a stop to searching for how to clean brake fluid if you have a spill or leak. Grab some Tub O’ Towels heavy duty wipes for an easier way to clean up messes. Find our wipes on Amazon, our website and at many well-known retailers.

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