Hands Cleaning Tips

How to Clean

Life! It’s often all about getting your hands dirty. Whether at home, at work or on-the-go — detailing your car, gardening, boating, fishing, painting, woodworking, restoring furniture or crafting, you’ll be thankful to have these handy industrial strength Tub O’ Towels hand wipes around. Our waterless hand scrub wipes make any clean up a breeze. Thousands of people count on Tub O’ Towels daily as their go-to work wipes such as auto mechanics, painters and contractors. These had cleaner towels are tough on dirt yet packed with ingredients that will leave your skin soft and fresh. Tub O’ Towels scrub wipes were originally created as skin wipes, and later we discovered how effective they are on all types of surfaces. Not only are these the best degreaser wipes around, but also designed to remove the dirtiest gunk and the stickiest stains.

Tub O’ Towels hand cleaner wipes are available in the 10”x12” size in a 90-count canister, as well as in the 7”x8” size in a 40 count canister, and as individually wrapped single packs for on-the-go. Shop online or find them at a store near you.