Effective Ways to Remove Crayon Stains From Your Walls

The wonderful thing about waxy crayons is that your kids can generally use them to create their art projects without you having to worry about the stains on clothing and upholstery that are common with pens and markers.

But you have to remember that kids pretty much see any flat surface as a canvas for their creative impulses. So don’t be surprised when they turn your walls into cave paintings.

While you want to encourage creativity in its many forms, you probably don’t want to leave their masterpieces up on your walls indefinitely, so snap a photo with your smartphone and get to work removing the wax from your walls.

There are several options for removing crayon scribbles, but your approach may depend on the type of wall covering you’ve chosen. If you’re working with paint, there are many suitable choices, but if you’re dealing with wallpaper, the task could be more complex.

Let’s start with painted walls, which are bound to be much easier. In most cases, solvents and scrubbing will do the trick. But which solvents should you use?

A mild abrasive is a good place to start, so mix up a paste by adding a little water to some baking soda, then dip a sponge or rag into the paste and start to scrub away the wax.

An alternative is to use an oil to counteract the wax, and believe it or not, substances like mayonnaise could just fit the bill. Just make sure not to use this option on matte finish paint as it could cause further staining. Oils will work fine on satin or shine finishes.

You can also try all-purpose wipes if you’re seeking a simple solution. And the Scrubbing Wipes produced by Tub O’Towels are ideally suited to the task.

Not only do they feature a proprietary blend of 9 cleaning agents (that are less harmful to your household than other cleaning solutions thanks to low VOCs), but they also provide woven fibers that are perfect for scrubbing away stuck-on stains.

And of course, they’re disposable, so you won’t have to wash a rag after you’ve finished cleaning your walls. They may even be suitable for wallpaper, but there’s something else you’ll want to try first.

The main objective when cleaning wallpaper is to avoid additional staining in the stain-removal process. And where crayon is concerned, this might be most easily accomplished by using a soft, rubber eraser to buff away the wax.

Crayon can certainly be difficult to remove from walls if you don’t know what you’re doing. But when you have kids in the house, it’s almost inevitable, so consider the type of wall covering you’re dealing with and select the appropriate products to clean it when crayons are the culprit.