How to Clean a Stainless Steel Grill

A stainless steel grill is a terrific addition to any outdoor living space. Shiny and elegant, stainless steel grills are also powerful and hard-working. However, like any grill, they are prone to cooked-on food stains all over the grate and splatters on the grill body and housing. When that happens, Tub O’ Towels is ready to help.

Our heavy duty wipes are specially crafted to remove the toughest grease, oil, and baked-on food, while our stainless steel wipes restore the shine and provide a protective barrier against future messes.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel BBQ Grills (The Hard Way)

A quick Google search will reveal all sorts of Weber grill cleaning methods and products. Some recommend a commercial degreaser for the grill, followed by a bucket of soapy water, followed by some form of polish. Others claim that a combination of natural products can replace some or all of the steps.

Regardless, though, all have the same basic process in common: Spray something on the grate, wait awhile, and scrub it off. Rinse thoroughly. Spray something on the body and housing, wait awhile, scrub it off, and rinse thoroughly. Hard scrubbing is simply thought to be the price you must pay for owning a stainless steel grill.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel BBQ Grills (The Easy Way)

What sets Tub O’ Towels apart is the lack of hard scrubbing. Our wipes are designed with the revolutionary new Bond Buster™ technology, which allows you to remove even the toughest food stains with little elbow grease.

  1. Pull out a heavy duty Tub O’ Towels wipe.
  2. Gently wipe down the entire grill, letting the cleaning solution lift away the mess.
  3. Use additional wipes as needed until all parts of the grill are clean.
  4. Use a Tub O’ Towels stainless steel wipe to restore the shine and leave behind a protective coating that will reduce future staining.

About Tub O’ Towels

Why is Tub O’ Towels so much different than our competitors? There are several things that set our wipes apart. Here’s a look at what makes our products the best:

  • Exclusive Bond Buster™ Technology: Our wipes contain a special additive that breaks the molecular bond between the stain and the surface. That means hard scrubbing is no longer required.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Thanks to the bond busting additive, we have done away with harsh and dangerous chemicals. Our eco-friendly blend of detergents, foaming agents, and emulsifiers simply lifts even tough grease and food stains away.
  • More Durable Wipes: Our oversized wipes are made of a quilted, textured, poly-blend material that will not fall apart. Each wipe is evenly saturated in our proprietary stain-removing cleaning solution.
  • VaporLockTM Technology: We seal our canisters with VaporLockTM technology, which prevents evaporation during storage. You can be sure that whenever you have a mess to deal with, your Tub O’ Towels wipes will be ready to go.


Want a Better Cleaning Wipe?

It’s time to say farewell to toxic chemicals and tough scrubbing, so please try Tub O’ Towels today. You can find our wipes on our website and in many well-known retail stores. We look forward to showing you why ours are the best cleaning wipes on the market!