Automotive Cleaning Tips

How to Clean

Discover Tub O’ Towels automotive wipes and they’ll quickly become your go-to car interior and exterior cleaning product and replace all your other car cleaning rags and cloths. These revolutionary automotive cleaning wipes will easily clean up messes that other car cleaning supplies won’t. Tub O’ Towels oversized wipes come out of the canister 100% solution soaked and are super durable. Put these disposable wipes up to any cleaning challenge. You’ll soon learn there are thousands of uses for Tub O’ Towels. They are tough on dirt but gentle on your hands, and will remove grease, grime, tar, scuff marks, brake dust, bird droppings, coffee stains and other hard-to-remove soils with ease. Great for quick clean ups of your car seats, dashboard, alloy rims and wheels and more.

Tub O’ Towels automotive cleaning wipes (TW90) are available in a 90-count canister and individually wrapped wipe packs for on-the-go. Shop online or find them at a store near you.