Month: October 2015

How to Eliminate Water Stains and Soap Scum From Shower Doors

When it comes to glass shower doors, homeowners that suffer from hard water are all too familiar with the effects of this watery menace. Not only do the droplets that dry on the glass leave behind telltale spots, known as lime scale, but over time, the combination of water, soap, and the particulates that form… Read more »

Cleaning and Maintaining Painted Walls in Your Home

When it comes to household cleaning tasks, the walls might not even be on your list. With important and ongoing tasks like flooring and countertops to tackle, not to mention bathroom surfaces, you probably don’t spare your walls a second thought (or even a first) when it comes to cleaning. And yet, over time, the… Read more »

Effective Ways to Remove Crayon Stains From Your Walls

The wonderful thing about waxy crayons is that your kids can generally use them to create their art projects without you having to worry about the stains on clothing and upholstery that are common with pens and markers. But you have to remember that kids pretty much see any flat surface as a canvas for… Read more »

DIY Exterior Car Detailing Tips

If you’re not the type to treat your car like a trash can, then chances are the worst you’ll have to deal with is an abundance of dirt and dust in your car’s interior when it’s time to detail your vehicle. And this can be easily managed with a vacuum and a few swipes with… Read more »

How to Eliminate Stains From Upholstered Furniture

When you bring beautifully upholstered furniture into your home, whether it is store-bought or you’ve had favorite pieces reupholstered to match your updated decor, the expectation is that these furnishings will serve you for years to come. Unfortunately, life happens in your home, especially if you have kids and/or pets. And sooner or later, something… Read more »